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04 January 2017 @ 11:12 pm
First of all, happy new year 2017 from me and let me remind you i'm still exist... hell yeah I'm still here! This also marks the first day after many years I'm being inactive and leave all of my plans to rot.

Since there's so many resolution posts circling around me.. here I am following the bandwagon. I'll just keep my resolution as simple and reachable as possible, so that I won't fatigue myself further, now that I've worked. *haha i'm so old

Made an activity schedule for both work and leisure.
This might seems weird for a lot of people especially adults, but honestly.. I'm not the schedule type of person and because of that all of my plan are a mess, which is why I'm planning to use my planner right now to keep things in line.

Keep a good health of myself.
I've mentioned it before, but yes, due to work and my plans on keeping up with other things are all over the place right now, I'm pretty fatigued about every little thing. I pushed myself too much to improve my illustration skill despite the time limit and energy, and now I got flu... just a bit. Anyway, I'll try to rest more after work instead of pushing to other things.

Read all the books that I've bought.
Aside from being not the schedule type, I'm also not a bookworm type that can sit down and read all the text going around through the pages in front of me, except mangas (Man, I missed them too). But, hey! Being a grown up adult should be able to read those kind of stuff*... nah, but I try though. I'm intrigued with those text books sometimes, but I just don't have the right time to read all of them and I always prioritize books with visuals first, like mangas, grahpic novels, light novels, etc.

Keep up-to-date with the fandoms (whether it's mangas, animes, shows, etc).
I don't think I have to explain this last part tho. LOL. It shows how slow I am in keeping updated with stuff, especially Arashi and their shows. Also, I hope to keep up with the anime nowadays and still waiting for the new Gintama series to come out soon and I wonder of Violet Evergarden have been released :/

Finally, no long post from me, since I'm not a good writer and I just like to keep things on point. That's my 2017 resoution folks. Short, yet all of the main points I want to share are here, and I hope you guys will have a great 2017.

*Because the cover made it so interesting. I'm sorry.
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